Announcement: Reasons to hire a lawyer in Spain

Everything related to lawyers in Madrid or any other city always has a certain quality, a figure of speech when someone describes them. A general disrespect or distrust regarding lawyers has been a regular and constant fact throughout the years, this has led people into defending themselves, which in most cases is not the wiser solution, since you will never know as much as a person who studied for years, in order to obtain the title they possess.

Lawyers Spain

Personal Injury or Accident

If you have suffered an accident or any type of injury, you can be sure that contacting a lawyer in Spain, will be your safest option, you can’t always rely on insurances or other type of accommodations offered to you, when you suffer an accident. You can however, count on professionals which will take on your case and work day and night to ensure you are treated the way you deserve.

 Starting a business

Planning to launch, a company with a group or as an individual can bring in a lot of legal paperwork. Seeking and finding a respectful lawyer in Spain, will be a reasonable option, a sensible one. If you are an entrepreneur, a lawyer can lend a helping hand and give you pointers on details, which you could have overlooked before. For the companies with years in the industry, on any field but that are looking to expand into a new brand, they can hire a law firm, which will have far more opinions to contribute, than a single lawyer.

Facing immigration

If you are trying to immigrate legally, you should hire a lawyer in Spain who specializes on immigration. Papers and registration, always take an incredible amount of time, especially if you do them on your own. Hiring a lawyer assures you of a more efficient and secure method of registering correctly all your papers, so they may be processed. If you hire a lawyer, who knows the legality of immigration because they specialized on that particular subject, then your chances are greater; the chances of having your papers placed upon the hands of the people who will decide your future.


When insuring a property, a car or yourself, you should look for a lawyer in Spain, who would be able to represent you and be alongside you, when you visit the insurance company, for more information on legal advices in Spanish visit the site:

The lawyer you hire will point out, which company would suit you the most. There are different types of insurances, some of the most important can be:

  • Life Insurance

These types are meant for a family descendent or a designated person, whom upon the insured untimely passing will receive a monetary benefit, it can be given all in an instant or as a pension.

  • Property Insurance

Placing your property, any property, on the hands of an insurance company can be tricky; you most definitely should hire a lawyer. One that is versed on insurance policies and can grant you, an actual deal, one that will give you a level of security like no other.

  • Car Insurance

Can give you three insurances surrounding your car; medical, liability and property. All three, will be the security network of your car, the lawyer you hire, would be someone you trust completely or one that was recommended to you by a close friend, who saw or experimented first hand, the job the lawyer can do.

  • Liability Insurance

This one includes different type of liability; the ones protecting the company and the ones protecting an individual. Protecting companies usually means protection against claims, made by an injured part that got an injury due to an accident, involving company equipment, this mostly on a public organization or a company. Protection of an individual, sometimes in the environment department, which causes a bodily harm to a person or the loss of a property.

There are other types of insurances. Find out in what particular area you would like to have an insurance and ask for advice to a lawyer, even if it is a travel insurance, divorce, legal expenses, kidnap and ransom or even a credit, mortgage insurance. Whichever area you wish to have an insurance on, you need only tell a certified lawyer, who will help you most kindly and guide you through the steps and forms necessary to have the best insurance. If you wish to know more about lawyers in another language such as Spanish visit the website: abogados-españ

Cómo proceder luego de un despido injustificado

Busca asesoría legal, debes saber cuáles son tus derechos y hacerlos valer, al buscar una asesoría puedes dar marcha atras el despido, o quizás si deseas cortar las relaciones empleador – empleado, también puedes hacer que te indemnices por el agravio causado. La manera más sencilla de hacerlo es no dudar a buscar un abogado que maneje bien el área laboral y logre proceder con tu solicitud, teniendo en cuenta que te han despedido injustificadamente, deben buscar las pruebas de dicho agravio y de no conseguirlas el patrón está en la obligación de hacer una indemnización garantizando el bienestar del trabajador, haciendo valer lo que la ley estipula en estos casos.


Tips when hiring an immigration lawyer

The immigration area has lots of complicated issues. Sometimes you can take care of them on your own, but sometimes you’ll need professional help. If you are in Spain and need a lawyer for any of these issues, is definitely your best choice; they can take care of your case and help you solve the situation. Here, you will find some good tips to help you choose the best lawyer for you. (más…)

How to obtain your first NIE number

The number of foreigners’ identification is a personal document granted by the Office of Foreigners in Spain. After you get your permission of residence and if you are going to study in Spain and stay for a period of time you will need a NIE number for Spain. You will need this document for some basic paperwork like opening a bank account, being paid by an employee or applying for a driver’s license. It’s not very difficult to obtain, you just need to follow some steps. (más…)

Reasons to hire a lawyer to assist you with visas for Spain

Our website offers you the highs and lows on the different aspects of not hiring lawyers; this is why this time we take our time to advise you, that if you are planning a trip to Spain it is best if you consult the website:, where you will learn anything and all about the visas for Spain.Also you may contact lawyers to assist you with your visa; they will study your case and tell you, which visa you need.

Here you have some of main the reasons why you should hire a lawyer while applying for a visa in Spain, no matter what kind of visa it would be.