How to obtain your first NIE number

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The number of foreigners’ identification is a personal document granted by the Office of Foreigners in Spain. After you get your permission of residence and if you are going to study in Spain and stay for a period of time you will need a NIE number for Spain. You will need this document for some basic paperwork like opening a bank account, being paid by an employee or applying for a driver’s license. It’s not very difficult to obtain, you just need to follow some steps.

Get your documentation

There are some basic documents you will need to request your NIE. You need to take your passport, your visa type “D” with 90 days of duration and entry stamp. You will also need to have an admission letter in order to certify that you will study there, or you can have the bank certification with the payment of the study fee.

Go to the office for an appointment

After you have all the required documentation, you have to go in person with your passport to the Provincial Brigade of Immigration and Borders to identify yourself as a student, got to the information area, tell them you are asking for your first NIE number for Spain, and they will give you a form to fill in with your information to get your appointment.

Ask for an appointment online

You also have the option of requesting an appointment via internet. Chose the location where you are staying, and then specify that you are asking for NIE number for Spain. You will have to go to the office the day of the appointment and present your documentation.

Pick up your NIE

Approximately in 40 days you will be able to pick up your identification card that allows you to stay in Spain as a foreign student. We recommend you to make a copy of it and keep it safe in case of emergency or in case you lose it.

We recommend you to do this paperwork as soon as you get to the country. If you think this is too much for you, you can always search for professionals in the area that will help and assist you.

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